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New survey from ITMD highlights need for cloud, mobile skills

Are you wondering where to focus this year’s skills development initiatives? IT Market Dynamics worked with research firm AskingCanadians to poll nearly 100 IT in Canada subscribers about their 2013 demand for IT and related positions, and found that cloud and mobility are driving most of the high-growth activity in the Canadian IT labour market.

In the Figure below, we show the proportion of respondents reporting new demand in 2013 for 20 IT positions. The results divide neatly into three categories: high growth (greater than 10% of respondents reporting new or increased need in 2013), moderate (6%-7%) growth, and low growth (3.1%-5.2% of respondents reporting increased need).

Most of the high-growth opportunities are connected in one way or another with the key trends dominating IT industry discussions. Mobile application programmers and cloud sourcing/relationship managers top the 2013 talent wish list, with 12.4% of employers are looking to add skills in these areas. Senior server application programmers, outsourcing relationship managers, SLA management experts, and security experts are in high demand as well, with 10.3%-11.3% of respondents looking to engage new staff with these capabilities – all of which are required by organizations that are launching or expanding cloud initiatives.

The “moderate growth” category contains two different types of positions. Some are emerging, but not yet widespread enough to be in the high-growth category: examples would include Chief Cloud Officer and desktop virtualization expert. The second group is comprised of skills that respond to the need for IT to develop and distribute business systems that can be used to support customer-facing staff. ITMD would consider the business analyst, end-user computing, and IT and network architect roles to fall under this banner.

The “low growth” category includes traditional IT roles that are already fairly common, but might be diminishing in importance as new IT delivery models gain steam. The lowest growth in new opportunity is seen for computer room operators and hardware maintenance experts; in both cases, ITMD forecasts a substantial decline in overall demand by 2015. Other roles listed here, including DBA and networking specialist, are not going away, but may be shifting from the IT user community to a smaller number of cloud providers.

And also on this low growth list is…CIO! It is incumbent on IT leaders to take the actions required to retain/expand their strategic impact, to move this up the chart, and not be supplanted by a cluster of function-specific management roles.

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