What’s in it for Me?

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Millennials are making inroads in today’s workplaces, and many firms have taken to hiring them, as they bring creativity, enthusiasm and dynamic ideas to the table. But despite those positives, some firms are struggling to retain their services.

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Getting personal

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An old adage states that knowledge is a key that can open many doors. In the corporate world, data begets knowledge, which transforms companies into data-collecting dynamos. As markets become more competitive, enterprises step up their data collecting activity, as they more they know about their customer base, the better they can perform.

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Lighting the way

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Microsoft has announced the Canadian launch of new Windows Phones, Lumia 535 and Lumia 640 XL. With enticing new features, the phones are illuminating a brighter future for Microsoft smartphones.  

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Life in the Fast ring

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For participants of the Windows Insider Program’s Fast ring, life just got a little speedier.

Picking up the Tab

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Creating and maintaining avenue of connectivity has become a key cog in the communication machine today. New devices, apps and software are making it easier for everyone from families to co-workers to work and play together.

Good Fibe-rations

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Toronto is a city that thinks big. It is Canada’s largest city, and is home to some large events. So it only makes sense that the city have a proper Internet service in place to properly serve and connect each of its over 2.6 million inhabitants.

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Should government agencies be allowed to collect email, web, and telephone metadata without a judicial warrant?

Yes - 9.3%
No - 84.3%
Undecided - 6.5%

Total votes: 108
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 29, 2015

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