Clearing the path for logging

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Logging is a fundamental IT requirement. Virtually every application, operating system, and network device produces logs. They are critical to monitoring systems, proactive and retrospective problem solving, and meeting compliance obligations. Yet the logs produced by most products are abysmal.

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Glass houses

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Creating the next great smartphone is sometimes a fantasy for the big developers. Combining functionality with durability can sometimes prove difficult, but Samsung’s latest offering is close to the borderline of what consumers look for in the ideal mobile device.

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Android goes to work

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As mobility becomes a crucial part of daily workplace functions, many app and platform developers are releasing new products and services designed exclusively for business use. Google is the latest company to make the jump into the world of workplace mobility.

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The Channel Corner

Severing ties

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Technology allows for faster, more simplified connections between people, platforms and devices. However, a new initiative put forth by Microsoft will put an end to some well-established links.

Flipping the switch

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As the data centre becomes a crucial component of daily functions for businesses, the release of a new product will provide them with more flexibility and control over its operations.

Wireless wisdom

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The winds of change are blowing in the world of wireless network management. As enterprises grow, so too does the need for better wireless network coverage. More options are being offered that boost speed, efficiency and connectivity, but what is a network manager to do when issues occur?

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