Why wearables matter to business

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These days, you hear so much about wearables and their ‘unlimited potential’ that the term has almost turned into a high-tech trope. Some even claim that wearables are over-hyped and will never revolutionize our daily lives as much as once believed.

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The Channel Corner

Productivity takes note

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The business world is full of important words that begin with the letter P, such as profit, presentation and products. Arguably, one of the most significant P words is productivity, a key area of focus for every company. In order to remain productive, employees and executives alike rely on certain devices to get their work done, and a series of new releases from Dell are designed with that goal in mind.

Cisco channels the partner landscape

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When business partnerships are formed, they are usually built to last. These partnerships are born out of a mutual desire to increase profits, and often include several concessions that are beneficial to the parties involved. The same can be said about partnerships formed within the IT channel environment.

Avnet’s renewable resource

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When it comes to renewable resources, most people think of items that can be recycled. Somewhat similarly, the IT channel has renewable resources of its own, which come in the form of contracts with key partners.

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