Fortifying the cloud revolution

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The business world is in the midst of a cloud revolution. As cloud technology becomes more mainstream, companies are using it to serve a variety of purposes, with the hopes of increasing productivity and connectivity within the workplace. Although the cloud has proven its usefulness, the underlying question of its security remains a pressing issue.

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Making a safe deposit

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The safety deposit box at the bank is a small stronghold where people can store selected valuable items, such as family heirlooms, jewelry, or coins. Advancements in cloud-based systems have turned the cloud into a safety deposit box of sorts, where users can keep data, documents and files under digital lock and key.

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The Channel Corner

Avnet tackles the great divide

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At the casino, doubling down on a bet can potentially increase your winnings if all goes well. In corporate circles, the term takes on a whole different meaning. It could refer to someone doubling their investment in a certain company, thus increasing the risk factor, but in one case, it refers to a large-scale separation process.

The partner’s take

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Neil Sedaka once sang that breaking up is hard to do, and that quote is as applicable to relationships as it is to the corporate world. When HP announced its decision to split into two companies, the company’s channel partners wondered how it would affect them, and most importantly, their business.

HP’s two-car garage

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If there’s one thing that the IT and home renovation industries have in common, it’s the requirement of proper planning. When renovations occur, a plan must be in place to ensure that the changeover is seamless, and that those involved can maintain a sense of status quo. HP is at the forefront of such a renovation process, and the IT services channel is taking notice.

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