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Aberdeen publishes HCM, Customer Experience/Service Management, Financial Management/GRC research
Research examines leadership development, employee assessments, strategic onboarding, customer empowerment, and fraud detection in business read more >>

Aberdeen publishes IT Security, Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy, and Business Analytics research
Research examines network security, impact of content marketing on PR, predictive analytics on offer management, and SMB analytics read more >>

Industry Research

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Aberdeen Group announces publication of four new Business Intelligence research reports
Research examines self-service BI strategy, analytical infrastructure for just-in-time marketing, analytics for unstructured data, IT operational intelligence
Aberdeen Group publishes three new IT Infrastructure research reports
Research examines Public Cloud Archiving, Private Cloud Impact on IT, SaaS Application Use
Aberdeen announces publication of Retail, Product Innovation, and Financial Management research
Research examines retail learning management, engineering simulation tools, accounts payable automation,accounting platform integration
Aberdeen Group publishes two new IT Security research reports
Research examines Strategic Managed File Transfer, Fighting Fraud with Big Data Intelligence
Aberdeen Group publishes Contact Center and Customer Experience Management research
Research examines omni-channel customer care, role of the next generation agent desktop in CEM success
Aberdeen Group publishes four new Business Planning and Execution research reports
Research examines Financial Planning, Social Project Management, Informed ERP Selection, Auto Industry ERP
Infographic on Advantages of Better Ventilation & Effects of Poor Ventilation System at Home
Ventilation is a process of interchanging the air in any place through indoor air quality. Ventilation is mainly used to get rid of unpleasant smells, excessiv
Aberdeen Group publishes Customer Experience and Service Management research
Research examines Contact Center Optimization, CEM in Financial Services, Intraday Contact Center Management, Real-Time Unified Customer Engagement
Aberdeen Group publishes Customer Experience and Service Management research
Research examines improving the field service organization with mobile technology
Aberdeen publishes Enterprise Mobility, BI, Financial Management,Retail & Consumer Markets research
Research examines SoMoClo™, Data Quality, Predictive Modeling, Purchasing Cards, Retail Loss Prevention
Aberdeen Group publishes Business Analytics and Business Intelligence research
Research examines Real-Time Customer Intelligence, Financial Services Analytics, Embedded Analytics for ISVs, SMB Analytics
Aberdeen publishes IT Infrastructure, Virtualization & Cloud, Networking & App Performance research
Research examines Virtual Private Clouds, HR Cloud Deployments, Virtualized Server Deployments, and Network Testing
Aberdeen Group publishes Business Planning and Execution research
Research examines BPM, Cloud-Based Financial Solutions, ERP and BI for the SMB, Third-Party ERP Selection, and Manufacturing ERP
How to Check Concurrent Visitors with Google Analytics
Cloudways' Blog focuses on emerging trends in Cloud Computing, including Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions, Open Source Apps and featured Leaderboard articles.

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