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Innovation York offers industry liaison program to Canadian innovators

For companies who want to solve technical or business problems, explore research questions, find new intellectual assets, or develop products and services, collaborating with York University offers access to superb researchers and research facilities, as well as access to government matching grant programs to assist with funding these research projects.

These collaborations enable an industry partner to:
  • Access world-class research – York University boasts specialized intellect, and Partners can gain early access to new intellectual assets that are developed out of exploratory research
  • Address unsolved research / development problems
  • Advance their research agenda and enhance product roadmap development activities and schedules
  • Access fresh, modern perspectives, bringing in best practices to address their problems
  • Access world-class laboratories filled with leading edge equipment
  • Access government matching grants to reduce costs of research projects
  • Assess potential trainees as they provide research assistance and work on corporate challenges. This can be highly beneficial in moving research projects forward and in assessing new talent for your company.

Projects can range in scope from $10,000 exploratory collaborations to multi-million multi-year multi-partner initiatives.  Through basic or applied research projects, the fields of research covered at York span most disciplines an industry partner may be interested in.  For a complete list of York University Faculties, see http://www.yorku.ca/research/about/facultyresearch.html and Research Centres and Institutes, see http://www.yorku.ca/research/about/centres.html

York University researchers are particularly adept at inter-disciplinary research, drawing together expertise from multiple Faculties to solve problems large and small.  The depth and breadth of expertise that York University can bring to bear on solving research problems is unmatched – with 11 Faculties, 28 interdisciplinary and collaborative research centers, approximately 1400 Principal investigators, and thousands of research students covering a wide range of research interests.

For further information, or to discuss your collaborative research needs, your colleagues and clients can contact Cheryl Giblon, at 416-736-5753 or cgiblon@yorku.ca.

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