Cultivating a collaborative Spark

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Workplace collaboration sparks many things. It encourages people to work together, it promotes the sharing of ideas on new or existing projects, and it allows for decisions to be made on the quick. In the past, offices often seemed like disconnected places where every employee guarded a silo of ideas, but since then, collaboration has been on the rise, sparking a revolution of sorts.

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Safes that aren’t

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The illusion of security is often worse than no security at all. However, it is often difficult to tell how good a security product really is. Purchasers usually consider the specifications and reputation of the vendor. Most customers don’t have the ability to thoroughly test security products and are essentially forced to rely upon the manufacturer.

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Ad nauseam

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Surfing the Internet these days is sometimes akin to walking across a minefield. Every click or page view can potentially bring forth an onslaught of advertisements, which can become maddening for users. Solutions have been developed to combat ads, but is eliminating them outright really the best approach?

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Living in a throwaway world

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These are interesting times. We are privileged to live in a world where new advancements in personal technology are being developed or released every day. While these new devices often build upon the success of the workhorses they are designed to replace, what becomes of the older units?

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Ignite your passion

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Last week (May 4-8), Microsoft held their first-ever Microsoft Ignite conference. The event focused on business innovation through software and hardware developments in the data centre, cloud, and mobile applications.

The partner’s take: Mainland Information Systems

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Agility, strength and power are three words you usually hear associated with exercising or fitness. People usually need to have these three qualities or develop them in order to achieve their personal fitness goals. The same can be said about companies in the IT services sector.

Taking it to the VMAX

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Technology is all about taking things to “the max.” For example, businesses are forever looking for ways to maximize their profits, and product developers want to maximize customer engagement by introducing inventive new offerings. But when it comes to data storage, reaching the max requires enterprises to maximize their space. Realizing this, EMC has made changes to an existing platform to further increase maximum limits.

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The Zovirax medication

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