Don’t blame Silicon Valley

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Following the tragic events in Paris, American politicians of all stripes have engaged in the worst form of opportunism: exploiting the death of more than 120 people to further the American global surveillance agenda.

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Dell admits security hole in laptops

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A pre-installed program on some laptops sold by Dell Inc. can enable hackers to intercept Internet connections, masquerade as trusted Web sites and access user data, according to a computer programmer who discovered the vulnerability in his own machine which he bought from the company.

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Maximizing the future of television

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The increasingly widespread adoption of technologies like cloud, mobile, social and big data have made the TV industry ripe for disruption and the impact is far-reaching – internet providers, service providers and consumers are all feeling the effects of this new world. 

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Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft is making another splash in the tech industry with their newest products - the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4. 

WRLWND Radio - Episode 10

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Episode 10 from WRLWND Radio

HP Performance Engineering

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In a world that revolves around technology, the IT industry has become a global cornerstone for innovation, security and employment. In such a valuable, competitive and rapidly expanding industry things move fast, and companies whose new products and services can’t keep up with the marketplace are doomed for failure.

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    • Don’t blame Silicon Valley

      Following the tragic events in Paris, American politicians of all stripes have engaged in the...

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