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5 Steps to Getting Your Display Advertising To Convert More, And For Less

The Google Display Network (GDN) can be an incredible place to generate buzz about your brand. There are literally millions of placement opportunities, but chipping away at the stone to expose the work of art that is possible for your advertisements takes time and effort.

However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can be quite profitable.

What we have learned about display advertising is that it is a great addition to an overall marketing campaign and can greatly enhance your results through search marketing.

What we’re finding out even more recently is that display has merits of its own and can turn a profit when managed properly within that space, as well as enhance search potential.

There are five critical elements that need to be addressed for real success on the Google Display Network. Each of them needs to have great care and attention paid so that all are working in concert with each other, and you don’t let one of these elements get to a point where it can affect the others.

  1. Keyword Lists: Keywords should be added to lists that can be tested against each other. Divide your lists of keywords into groups, and then let them run for at least two days to find the most successful formula. Once this is done, add another list and keep testing.
  2. Ad Placement: The sites where your ads appear can have a great effect on how successful your ad is. Finding the ones that give you the greatest success is key to being profitable here, and, similarly, eliminating the ones that are not doing well needs to be a daily task. CTR and the amount of clicks you get from certain pages is a good indicator of early success, but at the end of the day it’s really all about the conversions. Look for pages that send quality traffic and eliminate the rest.
  3. Bid Pricing: Bid prices are in a constant state of flux, which means that marketers need to pay close attention and adjust accordingly. Once you have a good handle on your keywords and your ad placements, you’ll be able to find your CPA with a lot more clarity.
  4. Ad Selection: Like any other good PPC campaign, you need to be constantly testing your ads to find the most effective ones. Creative here is much of the battle, and finding image and copy creative that works together to generate good traffic is a huge part of winning the war. Your ads need to be attractive, and they need to be attractive to the right audience. Make sure you deliver what you promise, and make sure you are constantly striving to find a better ad.
  5. Daily Budget: When you start out, it’s important to know what your limitations are. Also, it’s important to monitor the limitations of certain campaigns that may be stretching your budget and not performing as well as others. Campaigns that perform well should have more budget resources allocated to them, and ones that are not performing well should have their budgets cut so that you can reassess the other elements of the campaigns that will contribute to success. Pay very close attention to your daily budgets, as they can get out of hand very quickly. 

With the amount of decisions that need to be made daily, it really is best if you can find a tool that helps you to get the most out of GDN campaigns, however, it is possible to be profitable on the GDN, but only if you’re able to pay the proper attention necessary to keeping all five of these elements working together for success.

Beginning with a target CPA in mind, train each of these elements separately so that, together, you have a recipe for display advertising success.

Marc Poirier is a professional Internet Marketer with more than a decade experience in the Search industry. He is Co-Founder and CMO of Acquisio where he leads all sales and marketing activities. He often speaks at events like SES, SMX, Ad:Tech, TFM&A and OMMA, and writes columns and articles for various publications, including Search Engine Watch, Visibility Magazine, SES Magazine, and the Acquisio blog.

Prior to his position at Acquisio, he was founder and president at Canalytics, a boutique SEM and SEO agency which was widely regarded as one of the most active Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in the world. He also held various e-marketing management positions for technology and software companies that include Komunik – an email marketing software vendor, Cognicase – a Canadian leading IT consulting and systems integration firms, aside from being a strategic consultant at U.S. based marchFIRST.

Marc began his entrepreneurial career in 1996 while working on his Ph. D. in Cognitive Science. That’s when he co-founded Webaxis Alliance, an interactive agency that worked on major Canadian websites such as sympatico.ca and canada411.ca.

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