Ep 15 - Li-Fi, Ransomware and Cybercrime

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This week, Marcello discusses Internet at the speed of light, literally. Li-Fi could be the future technology of connecting to the Internet and potentially more secure than Wi-Fi. Also, ransomware and how to avoid being a victim. He also touched on cybercrime and how that is on the rise globally with millions of Canadians being victims as well. Marcello gave one simple measure to be taken that can mitigate the risk.

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Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft is making another splash in the tech industry with their newest products - the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4. 

WRLWND Radio - Episode 10

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Episode 10 from WRLWND Radio

HP Performance Engineering

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In a world that revolves around technology, the IT industry has become a global cornerstone for innovation, security and employment. In such a valuable, competitive and rapidly expanding industry things move fast, and companies whose new products and services can’t keep up with the marketplace are doomed for failure.

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